Our Motto

    Since 2005, Poonam Engineering Works has been committed to quality and complete customer satisfaction. The company works on the following principles:


    In real terms, these principles mean several procedures and checks on the manufacturing process related to every product. The control starts with the inspection of raw material and includes checks at each stage of production up to the work location of the finished product.


      Kitchen Location / Sizing Service:
      Recommending the most suitable location for kitchen with regard to raw material inlet, food service outlets, natural lighting, availability of fresh air etc.

      Kitchen Planning:

    • Identifying the type of equipment required in the kitchen to match the menu and covers.
    • Sizing and designing of food service equipment with detailed shop drawing.
    • Preparing detailed specifications for all the equipment.
    • Preparation of a kitchen layout to ensure proper flow of men and preparation & cooking of food etc.
    • Service, dish washing, pan washing, pantry, bakery, trolley parking etc.
    • Estimating the total gas requirements to run smoothly the kitchen at peak load.
    • Locating the cylinder storage room and working out sizing and specifications for the same to ensure safe storage and to comply with standards.
    • Sizing of valves, regulators and fitting.
    • Engineering Design for Kitchen Exhaust System
    • Design data for exhaust hoods along with drawing.
    • Sizing of exhaust ducting based on correct duct velocities.
    • Estimating the static and dynamic head for the exhaust fan.
    Better After Sales Services:

    The Company realizes the importance of effective after sales service and ensuring that customers are completely satisfied with the performance of the company's products. Therefore, round-the-clock after sales services are provided to customers through.

About Us

We introduce ourselves as specialized manufacturers & exporters in india of commercial kitchen & utility equipments (both electrical & gas operated) for hotels, resorts, industries, hospital, embassies, messes / canteens of armed forces, call centers, residential, educational / professional institutions & complete range of cooling equipments.

We are fully equipped to cater to any volume of commercial kitchen equipments requirements in this regard, with the assurance of best quality workmanship. A notable name in the arena of kitchen equipments, poonam engineering works offers the widest range of kitchenware for commercial purposes. We are a prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of all kinds of commercial kitchen equipments and canteen equipments including cooking equipments, commercial dish washing equipments, food storage racks, refrigeration equipments, bakery equipments, etc. Produced by following stringent quality control measures, our products are capable of rendering years of efficient services to our valued clients. We offer an unmatched line of whisky trolly, drinking water trolly, towel trolly, dust bin trolly sweet corn trolly hot case and other commercial grade kitchen equipments for hotels, restaurants, banquets, etc.
Poonam Engineering Works is also geared to design to plan a multiplicity of operations related to the complex field of catering well in line with the high standards that are required to be met in this multi crore industry. With our extensive knowledge, we also offer specialized services in the kitchen location / sizing, kitchen planning, engineering design for kitchen exhaust system.